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Projects I've worked on

  • Voiceovers

    My voice over reel is a sample of projects that are diverse from my love of animation and unique characters to presenting professional brands.

  • Grey's Anatomy

    My heart lies with telling a unique story and I try to reflect that within the roles I chose to play. My work ranges from being a part of network television shows such as, "Grey's Anatomy," to indie films that have been showcased on platforms such as Netflix.

  • Untitled

    I love to write and produce stories that reflect real everyday emotions. At the moment I am planning to shop around my television pilot,"Untitled." A tale of one woman who is leaving it all behind to overcome all obstacles for the big lights. Wearing her heart on her sleeve and unashamed of who she is, she takes her chance in the city of angels.

  • Honda Commercial

    I have had the pleasure of working on various commercial/print projects that range from working with international brands such as Honda to local U.S based brands as well.

My Portfolio

These are the films, writings, commercials, shows, and print that I have worked on. View All Items

  • I Am Goal-Oriented
  • I Love Creating Beautiful Stories
  • I Give Clients 200%
  • Hayden

About Me

I'm an actress, writer and producer that is passionate about showcasing projects and roles that are inclusive and bring out compassion and empathy. I want to take my audience on a beautiful emotional journey where they can see something about themselves in the stories I depict. Originally from Missouri, my love affair with stories started when I was young and I got the chance to watch old Hollywood classics. No story is too small or too big, it's just looking for someone to share it where I hope to do so with my work.

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Hayden Shinger

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